We offer a full guarantee on our products so you’re sure to have the repair last as long as your bike.  The products we use are some of the top in the industry and with our advance repair technologies we make sure that the repairs are carried out to the highest standard for top job satisfaction, our skilled team have skilled have a great understanding and training of what is expected by you the customer.

Our repair processes include:

  • In house sandblasting cabinet (Burwell Technologies)
  • TIG and MIG Welding
  • Dent pullers and inverter for tank repairs
  • Plastic welding and gluing
  • Full colour mixing machine to mix up any colour
  • A wide range of speciality colour from metal flakes to candies
  • A clean and tide spray booth and shop environment for you and your parts.
  • One on one quality customer care

Take a tour through our gallery and inspect our work, or feel free to contact us for more information or to book a quote.